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Ways to save fuel

We are in difficult times at the minute with costs of living rising and the petrol prices being higher than usual, however, there are many ways in which you can reduce fuel consumption, some of these include;

1. Correct tyre pressure

2. Excess Weight

3. Air Conditioning

4. Driving speed / Right Gear

5. Cruise control

6. Staying Still

7. Servicing

Correct Tyre Pressure

Having the correct tyre pressure reduces the amount of fuel consumed while travelling, tyres that are underinflated have more contact with the floor meaning the while travelling they gernerate more friction and resistance to the road meaning higher fuel consumption. You can check what your tyre pressure should be by looking in your vehicle handbook or alternately, looking on either the side of the driver’s door or inside your fuel tank flap

Excess Weight

Is your roof rack and box still on the car? Is your boot full of junk? Excess weight can cause higher fuel constuption as your car weighs more meaning the more fuel consumed while driving. Roof racks and boxes cause more wind resistance when travelling slowing down your speed also causing higher fuel consumption.

Air Conditioning

Driving at high speeds with your windows down will cause wind resistance which will use more fuel so in this instance it is cheaper to use aircon, however aircon uses more fuel so it’s best to dress for the weather even inside the car. It is more efficiant to layer up in winter than to put the heating on to keep the car warm.


The way you drive effects the amount of fuel consumed, focussing on smooth actions will help reduce fuel usage, revving your engine and slamming on the breaks will increase the amount of fuel used whereas anticipating your next move will reduce this. Actions such as slowing down sooner at a red light or accelerating at the edge of a hill rather than at the foot of it will reduce engine revs saving fuel. Another way to help reduce fuel while driving is to be in the highest gear for your car whilst staying within the speed limit.

Cruise Control

Using cruise control can help save fuel as the car is travelling at a constant speed without the need to change gear, the best place to use cruise control would be on the motorway as they are a flat, constant surface which does not require much change in speed and direction.

Staying still

When waiting for something or someone longer than a few minutes is will save fuel if the engine is turned off, it may not seem much but that will save fuel.


It is obvious that regularly servicing your vehicle will save fuel as well working engine will prevent corrosion and sludge build up making it more difficult for the engine to run smoothly.

If you have any questions or worries about your car, we are more than happy to help you or give any advice. If you are unsure how to check anything on your vehicle, you can speak with one of our experienced technicians by calling 01274 581 118 today.


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